Martes, Mayo 19, 2015

iWHITEKOREA Facial Vita Cream Whitening 3in1

Went Watsons yesterday looking for IwhiteKorea Whitening cream, Yes! I'm still using the same product because it really works well on me. *halos lahat kami gumagamit, the lady nga in the Iwhite booth told me to buy the tube instead of sachets kasi good for 3 months daw yung 65ml, sabi ko sa kaniya "naku 1 month lang samin to Miss kasi halos lahat kami sa fam. gumagamit. lol* I was surprised by there new packaging! I so love their new packaging than the old, Been using it since 2013 and I will not use any cream except this iWhite Korea whitening cream It will really makes you instantly fairer and I've already told you how I feel about it in my old posts. HERE

IWhite is a whitening skin care product formulated in Korea. It specializes not only in lightening the skin tone, but also in improving the overall texture of the skin through its moisturizing and rejuvenating natural plant extracts refined through Bio-nanotechnology. The brand is launched by Biocostech Philippines in the year 2004.

A natural facial cream that gives you 3 benefits for a complete protection:
Whitening- Mulberry Root Extract whitens the skin for an even-toned complexion.
Dual UV Protection- Titanium Dioxide protects the skin from the harmful ultra-violet rays that can cause premature aging.
Make-Up Base- Enriched with vitamins A,C,E and panax Ginseng to protect skin from harsh environment ensuring silky smoothness. Ideal for all types of make up.
Directions for Use: Apply on a cleansed and moisturized skin as a base for foundation or powder. Blend well to achieve even application.

This is a very good cream I'll recommend.

Packaging :
It looks very elegant and expensive but the truth is..... its very affordable!
Easy-to-squeeze tube.

Where to buy? :
You can buy this product from Watsons, Ever department stores  for only 179 for 65ml, They do have bigger ones on a tube too! 

Buy I-White Korea's Facial Products and get P40 discount for every purchased of your favorite i-White skin care products. Promo is available at Watsons outlets..
So, Have you heard about it? are you a fan of iWhitekorea products too?