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Drink Coffee and Be Healthy!

We all want to avoid getting sick and our best defense to prevent our self from catching a cold based on my research is by getting enough rest, washing our hands often, be physically active, manage our stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food. If you don't eat a nutritious variety of foods, some supplements might help you get adequate amounts of essential nutrients.

So I wanted to share you guys about this complete supplement coffee that I've been drinking, Coffee has been part of our lives since as long as you can remember, and I'm a certified coffeeholic! Have you heard about CF Wellness? CF Wellness Unlimited, Inc. is now a fastest growing network marketing business in the country today. It was established with the main purpose of providing every Filipino Family with all types of cheaper but WORLD Class FILIPINO manufactured consumer products through a full blown and comprehensive M-Commerce System where consumers can partake in a highly lucrative and comprehensive reward system. 

CF Wellness Micswell Cafe 8 in 1 is not just your typical coffee in the morning! It brings you all the satisfaction of a robust brew with no caffeine reaction. It tastes mildly sweet from dates and figs, but only has 15 calories per serving! Perfect for your family! 

Health Benefits
  • Aids Diabetic
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Reduce highblood pressure
  • Reduce physical & stress
  • Prevents pectic ulcer & osteoporosis
  • Heals digestive and Circulatoty ailments
  • fight cancer 
  • slow HIV progression and more
  • Smooths skin
  • ANTI-Aging
  • Boost energy and replenish body resistance
  • detoxifying effect 
  • helps your body's resistance and immune system stronger
  • Helps take out dizziness and headaches                                                                                        
  • Strengthen bones and muscles 
  • Normalize hypertension 
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels 
  • Reduced inflammations and arthritis 
  • Helps stops tumor formation 
  • Helps improve ulcer condition
  • that increase the body's resistance against fatigue, stress, trauma, anxiety
  •  Natural aphrodisiac and stimulant
  • It is also used to cure sekswal dysfunction in men and is believed to enhance libido
  • Ginseng health benefits include its ability to fight flu, cold, cough and other infections. It has been observed that this herb is effective in fighting rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, anemia, stress, insomnia, headache.
What is Agaricus Mushroom ?
· Anti-tumor, anti-cancer a rich source of anti-oxidants like polysaccharides 1-3 & 6-D glucan, lectins, heteroglycans and ergosterol which enhances the immune system to fight against cancer.
· Contains large amounts of non-digestive dietary fibers which absorbs cancerous materials in our body and discharges it away from our system.
· Helps in regulating blood sugar levels.
 · Known to have unsaturated fatty acid, such ass lanolin, which can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.
 · Contains vit B1, B2 and large amounts of ergosterol that will be converted to vit D2 which enhances immune system thus preventing bone diseases.

· Improves immune system, mental performance, alertness and cognitive functions
· Helps in the lowering of blood sugar levels
· Protects against damage by free radicals leading to cancer
· Shown to inhibit proliferation of cancer cells.

· A good source of good cholesterol
· Has a high density lipoprotein, which, in high levels, is known to protect against cardiovascular diseases. A
· A very good source of Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, and minerals which include potassium, calcium, iron, selenium and magnesium

· A blue-green algae. The most nutrient rich whole food. Has 65 to 71 percent complete protein, with all essential amino acids in perfect balance.
· An outstanding dietary aid to help prevent (or reverse) anemia.
· Provides more than adequate energy through a busy day and makes you less stress-prone.
· Helps control obesity, heart diseases and arthritis.

Because of it's sensitive nature, it is highly recommended that objects of metallic properties are to be in direct contact when the coffee is being handled. In the event that the sachets are to be opened, knives, scissors and those objects made of metals and steel, which are normally used for this purpose, are to be replaced by toothpicks or any other object made from plastics or resin. When preparing an actual drink, further keep in mind that metal and steel spoons would also affect the coffee's beneficial nature.  A plastic or wooden stirrer or spoon is very much suggested.

Bought 4 Box of Micswell coffee 8 in 1 and  Rub which is also effective for headache, muscle pain and also working to provide you with the best cold-and flu-symptom-relief remedies. 

Drink Coffee and Stay Healthy!
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